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Thu 18 Jul — 5 °C

Thursday is Parma Night

Happy Hour Fri 4pm—6pm

Cav’s Quiz Sat 10 Aug 8pm

Hullo from Tallarook Hotel.

A country pub and beer garden one hour north of Melbourne (or a two-minute stroll from Tallarook station).

Come for a meal, enjoy a drink and stay in town for some country goodness.

Tallarook Hotel Map

A bistro and bar in Regional Victoria hosting pub classics, local beer, a pool room and the choice of indoor or outside dining.

A 100m walk to the train station makes us an ideal bookend to the Great Victorian Rail Trail, too.

Just exploring this part of the world? Kick things off at our pub then make your way around via Within106.

Bistro menu


Garlic turkish bread (v) 9.0 / cheese + 1.0

Onion rings with chilli sauce 12.0

Taquito w/ sour cream (vg, lg) 12.0

Jalapeño cheese bites w/ sour cream 12.0

Starter or Main

Crispy squid w/ aioli (I) 17.0/26.0

Mains (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Chicken schnitzel with choice of sauce (A) 28.0

Chicken parmigiana (A) 30.0

300g porterhouse steak (A, lg) with choice of sauce 40.0

Cajun flathead, remoulade, lemon (I, lg) 26.0

BBQ jackfruit, spicy bbq, salad (I, vg, lg) 26.0

Smashed beef burger, martins roll, cheese, bacon, beetroot (A) 26.0

All served with chips and salad

Roasted vegies + 2.0

Sauces: garlic butter, gravy, mushroom, peppercorn

Extra sauce + 2.0

Smaller Mains

Fish (I) + chips 16.0

Steak (A) + chips 16.0

All served w/ chips + salad, or chips + vege +2.0

Mains (Thursday Parma Night Only)

Chicken parmigiana 30.0

inc. schooner of tap beer or glass of house wine

Parma options:

• Original — napoli, ham, cheese

• Al pastor — napoli, pulled pork, pineapple, cheese

• DFW — bbq sauce, bacon, onion, cheese

• VTM — salsa, jalapeño, crema fresca, tortilla chips, cheese

• Just the cluck — no toppings

All served with chips and salad

Roasted vegies + 2.0


Chips w/ aioli 10.0

Leafy green salad (vg, lg) 10.0

Seasonal vegetables (vg, lg) 10.0

Red cabbage slaw (vg, lg) 10.0

Mac+cheese /w bacon, jalapeño 8.0


Chicken nuggets (A) and chips 12.0

Steak (A) and chips 12.0

Fish (I) and chips 12.0

Ice-cream and sprinkles 4.0

Wednesday Dinner

Bar open, but due to staffing issues the kitchen is closed Wednesdays. We hope to change this soon.

The Fine Print

Great care is taken in the kitchen, but we cannot guarantee dishes are free of residual nuts, nut oils, fish, egg, sesame and/or gluten. Please advise allergies or dietary requirements when ordering.

A surcharge of 15% applies on public holidays.

Inaugurated in 1871, Tallarook Hotel has burned down twice and each rebuild brings something new — like an upstairs balcony in 1929 or the butchers next door we’ve just renovated.

In 2019 Tripadvisor user Vegieburger said our place was “absolute crap” but we like to think we’ve improved.

This is all to say, our pub is in transition. We’re always working on something new and you’re likely to see it when you’re here next.

Tallarook Hotel Tim

Meet our custodian, Tim.

Raised on the west coast, militarily trained on the east and having spent 20 years gaining hospitality experience all over the world, he’s a part of the furniture now.

Tim loves a chat. Say “hello” if you see him around.